MOE VEHICLE IMPOUNDED - It’s been discovered a Chevy Silverado, registered to Premier Scott Moe was impounded in British Columbia this week and police say the driver was impaired. It’s clear based on the age of the driver that the person impaired is NOT Premier Moe. However, speculation is going to run rampant and you can bet those with extra left wing political ideologies will turn the heat up to 10 on him and try to make it out that he and he alone is responsible for this. Of course he’s not. But, I’ll be more than content to sit on the sidelines and watch whatever attacks come his way. Moe spent the better part of six months going after the people of this province and coerced them to get vaccinated. He likes to call it giving people a choice. I call it force. You decide based on this quote from August 30th: “It’s going to be increasingly more uncomfortable for you in Saskatchewan to make the choice to not be vaccinated.” Splitting hairs here. Sure, it’s still a choice. But, it’s one that is heavily weighted in his favor to get you to do as he commands when really the focus all along should have been on vaccine supply rather than vaccine uptake. Once upon a time when Canada was a free country, the onus would be on the individual to decide what’s best for him/her. That was taken away two years ago and I will never forgive these politicians for it. So when the attacks on Moe come out, I guess my solution to this would be that Moe should not have ‘chosen’ to register a vehicle under his name when he can’t control what the person driving it will do. We know what happens to people who make ‘wrong’ choices. Life becomes ‘increasingly more uncomfortable’. Hey, his words. Not mine.

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