CHINA - Shanghai has been in a lockdown for 22-days and an American lawyer who is living there has documented what it’s like. In a nutshell, nobody leaves. Ever. Each neighborhood has appointed one person who has permission to go for deliveries, but food and supplies are scarce. The volunteers who are allowed to leave and pick up items for the neighborhood must wear a full protective suit. It’s either peak level crazy or China knows something about what this virus does to people long term and they aren’t about to share it with the world. Before you conspiracy theorists freak out, keep in mind that the Chinese government doesn’t give two shits about common, everyday people so I’m leaning toward this being on the side of peak level crazy with a side of experimentation to see just how much a billion-plus people will take before they start to resist. It’s amazing that they haven’t figured out there are more of us (people) than there are of them (government) and the people would win quite easily if they just decided to take a stand. But, the problem in China is the same problem every country in the world has had for the last two years…and that is that we don’t trust one another to be unified and we are scared of fighting the battle alone. Jared T Nelson is the person on Twitter keeping an account of each day in Shanghai, if you want to go read it.

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