The scandals are so abundant I can’t even keep up with them. News has come out today that RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki and Prime MInister Justin Trudeau interfered in the April 2020 Nova Scotia mass shooting that killed 22 people to further a political agenda of banning firearms. In a serious country, Trudeau, Lucki, and then Public Safety Minister Bill Blair would all be blown out the door for this corruption but Trudeau has gotten away with putting himself in criminal investigations before (SNC Lavalin, Mark Norman to name a couple) so why stop him now? I recognize that demanding resignations from politicians is loosely done but there is a very real case to be made here against Trudeau and Blair as well as current Public Safety Minister Marco Mendecino, who has proven to have lied over and over about the evidence he used to enact the Emergencies Act. In case you missed it, there was never a case for this very serious measure to be implemented. Then you have Omar Alghabra, the Transport Minister, who has blamed passengers and airlines for the mess that is Pearson Airport despite the fact he’s the one in charge of a department that has continued to keep pandemic restrictions in place for political purposes rather than for safety. We laso have airhead Melanie Joly, who mysteriously appears to be Trudeau’s personal favorite, and also who is the Foreign Affairs Minister. She recently allowed one of her staff to attend a Russian embassy party. What war in Ukraine? These people are a mix of corrupt and incompetent. For Canadian people that is a horrible mix but I don’t see any inclination that we care and until we do, it’s going to get worse and worse and worse.

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