I’ve hesitated to write about this but I’ve told a number of people about it and so why not. I think I contracted Covid in late-April 2021, but I never tested for it. It was a Thursday afternoon and I felt a bit ‘off’ at work. Covid was certainly in the back of my head but I didn’t panic. I thought I’d monitor myself for a few hours and go from there. Later in the evening I felt totally fine and wrote it off as a mental thing. Most of the day Friday I felt fairly normal but I went on the treadmill after work and that is when things really took a noticeable turn. Ordinarily, I will do between 4 and 5 km whenever I’m doing a run but on this day, I shut the machine down after 3km and felt exhausted. I also wasn’t hungry. So, I laid around and went to sleep a bit earlier than normal.

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